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How To Remove Adult And Gambling Ads From Monetag

How To Remove Adult And Gambling Ads From Monetag

Monetag is an alternative website monetization besides Google Adsense that offers various types of advertisements to display on websites.

Monetag is widely liked because it provides quite a lot of types of advertising and can be adapted to various types of websites.

One of the shortcomings of monetag that is not presented directly is the privacy feature for the types of advertisements that appear on monetag. Many people stop using Monetag, one of the reasons for this.

Even though Monetag doesn't have a privacy feature for ad types, you can still do this so that the ads that appear on your site are more family friendly.

How To Remove Adult And Gambling Ads From Monetag

Tahap 1: Open a website that is already registered with Monetag.

Tahap 2: Pay attention to advertisements that appear on your site.

Tahap 3: If you have found an ad that you want to remove, please take a screenshot.

Tahap 4: After taking the screenshot, then click on the ad. When you click, you will be directed to the advertiser's site.

Tahap 5: Copy and save the ad destination link that you have clicked.

Tahap 6: Login to monetag account.

Tahap 7: Click the floating message icon in the bottom right corner of your Monetag account.

Tahap 8: You can convey your aims and objectives, namely "you want adult and gambling advertisements not to appear on your site"

Tahap 9: You can send the ad that you screenshotted earlier and the link from the ad.

Tahap 10: After that, wait for a reply from the Monetag Team.

Tahap 11: If the monetag admin says it's finished, it means you just have to wait until the ads are completely gone, usually 1-24 hours.


That's the privacy method so that adult and gambling advertisements from monetag are removed from your site. If you think this article is not true, you can prove it yourself. Because I have proven it and it works 100%.

Even though advertising is successful in protecting the privacy of your site, it has a drawback, namely the CPM that will be generated will be slightly lower than usual.

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